Ferguson is not the first time riots has broken out in the city because of mistrust of law enforcement. I could happen anywhere. So many people are frustrated about our criminal justice system and have no way of getting their point across so they think they will be heard if they riot. Sometimes it is the only way to shed some light on what is happening in different areas and communities around America. Just like the LA riots when Rodney King was beaten. They felt the same way as the people of Ferguson. I think that America needs to take a closer look at who is mostly affected by the criminal justice system.

I think NBA players have a lot of influence in the Urban areas. I think I was a great idea for players to stand up what they believe in. I think it is time for more celebrities to also stand up and take a stand on want they believe that is right. It is a very positive message that addresses what a lot of Black Americans encounter on an everyday basis. Blacks lives do matter and more and more people to need to take notice.

I think parent do not need to shame their kids. I think positive forms of discipline other than shame. Shaming may cause a child to become depressed and my even be bullied because of their parents shaming them. I think discipline should be kept private and not displayed for everybody to see them. It is a form of emotion abuse to me. This may cause the child to shut down and my not feel like themselves. It also can have an affect on their social life after they are shamed.

Time to wave bye-bye to the confederate flag.

I think the President is right, There is some much controversy that is behind the confederate flag. Most Americans think that it symbolizes Jim Crow and slavery and some think it symbolizes and pays tribute to the veterans of the Civil War. There are some many Americans that still struggle with the past history of American White Supremacy. We all know that our past history was based civil rights and segregation within the black and white communities. The confederate flag only divides us, it does not represent change the America has made. The flag should be in a museum along with the other artifacts of the civil war. Who in their right mind wan to be reminded of the pain and struggles within the south. It is apart of our history and that where it should remain. We should not be reminded by the past by the displaying of the confederate flag in different states. Those who want to still display their Confederate flag, I think still carries the ideology of the past.

Little By Little, Violent Video Games Make Us More Aggressive

I agree that the video games that contain violent content are making kids that spend most of their time playing games are more aggressive than kids who spend their time doing other activities. I have a son who loves to play video games on a daily basis. When I tell him that he can not play, he gets an attitude that I consider to be aggressive. I tell him time and time again that video games can have a bad influence on his behavior. I have monitors the games he play only to make sure that he is not playing any violent content games. I do not let him play everyday, so he does not get addicted to playing games all the time. Kids are easily influenced, and they learn by the social and daily surroundings. So if the game plays a major part in their lives, I sure it will have a negative impact if they could not play. They may also want to carryout the games they are playing in real life. This can expose them to criminal activity that will eventually become a part of their lives. Parents need to stay active with their children and to expose them to different activities that can expand and impact the create side, and their imagination. This not only true for kids, but it is also true for young adults, and adults.

Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

Hey! I am a MPA student. My professor has instructed the class to begin, follow, and post  blogs as a grade for the class. This will be my first time blogging. I fairly new to this, so it may take time getting use to. I plan to contribute my opinion to different current events. Hope that this will allow me to become more vocal on the current events of today.